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The Arrowsmith Program Teacher Training Course was recently held in Sydney, Australia, the first course to be held outside of Toronto, Canada. 37 teachers successfully completed their training and are now at their educational organizations implementing the Arrowsmith Program in Australia and New Zealand. There are now over 20 sites in Australia and New Zealand offering the Arrowsmith Program to students of all ages. For a list of sites please see the list of Participating Schools on our website for more information.

The first ever Arrowsmith Program Executive Course was recently offered in Sydney Australia to executive members of educational organizations offering the Arrowsmith Program. 23 course participants learned more about the program and how they can implement a successful program at their organizations in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Participants of the recent Teacher Training Course and Executive Course held in Sydney Australia recently.

Whilst the Arrowsmith Program trainers were in Sydney for the recent teacher training course in Sydney, Australia, the opportunity was seized to offer an in-person professional development opportunity for Arrowsmith Program teachers in Australia and New Zealand. 41 teachers from Australia and New Zealand gathered to increase their knowledge and skills about implementing the program as well as meet each other, some for the first time. Among the participants were the first teachers trained in Australia and New Zealand as well as the most recent trainees. Arrowsmith Program teachers need to participle in compulsory and optional professional development sessions each year in order to maintain their accreditation as an Arrowsmith Program teacher.

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Arrowsmith Program Schools in Australia and New Zealand

All Australia and New Zealand schools offering the Arrowsmith Program will be expanding in 2017.

The Arrowsmith Program is currently available at the following schools in Australia and New Zealand:


New Zealand

New South Wales


Please visit the Participating Schools and Prospective Schools pages of our website to learn more about the programs being offered and for up to date contact information.